Power Steering Fluid Video

If you're able to turn your steering wheel on the streets of Westminster & Castle Rock without a great deal of effort, chances are you have power steering. Most modern cars are equipped with power steering, which means that you'll likely have to change, replace, or monitor the fluid. Power-steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid in the power steering system. If you're having trouble turning the steering wheel or hear high-pitched noises when you turn it, your power steering fluid may be low. Low power steering fluid can also mean a leak in the power steering system that will need to be resolved. The fluid is the cheapest component of your power-steering system. Changing it can help to prolong the life of other costly power-steering components. If ignored long enough, the power steering pump and/or power steering rack may need to be replaced. Your power steering system is a complex system with many components. If your power steering is not operating as intended, or you would like it inspected, schedule an appointment online, or call All Around Auto Care at 303-426-1144