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Plan Ahead for Summer Vacation

As the summer months approach, travel and trips to the park, beach, or mountains will rise. As your family budgets cost, plans activities, reserves hotels or campsites, don’t forget to also get your car checked and preventative care done so your family isn’t left stranded with hefty car costs. Here at All Around Auto Care, we have you covered from bumper to bumper with our personalized care from our ASE certified technicians.

Before You Hit the Road

Cars develop wear and tear with normal everyday use. Keeping up with regular maintenance is easy with our Guest for Life program, however, your car may require more attention to ensure your family will be safe on the road during the course of your trip. We have 20 years of experience serving families and their cars. Our technicians will work with you to check over items such as braking and engine fluids, change your oil, check your tire tread and adjust tire pressure, fix any windshield cracks, check your belts, and check the health of your battery. If you have specific car needs such as towing for your destination, let us know and we can help make sure your car is outfitted properly and ready to go. 

Once You’re Back Home

As your family decompresses from your time on the road, let us take care of getting the sand and dirt out of your car with a detailed cleaning. We can also repair any mishaps that may have occurred on the road from a cracked windshield to tire repair or replacement. You’ll want to have your car ready to get back into your every schedule.

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