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Natural Impacts: Hail

One of the worst experiences are the sudden severe storms that pop up in the spring and summer months. Sudden hail storms cause costly damage to property and vehicles. While there are some preventative factors to hail damage, unfortunately the damage may be unavoidable. Fortunately, All Around Auto Care can help get you back on the road quickly without the headache. 

Be Prepared, Stay Aware

Keeping weather aware is your best defense in preventing hail damage. For Colorado, the severe storm season generally picks up in May and lasts through August or September. The National Weather Service recommends being weather aware with two or more ways to get weather updates in your area. With being aware of the potential severe weather before it happens you’re able to protect your car from potential damage. 

Enclosing your vehicle in a garage offers the best protection of your vehicle from hail, broken branches, and blowing debris. Other structures such as an open carport are good options to reduce the possible damage in a hail storm. Parking your car under a tree, unfortunately, is not ideal. In addition to not creating a solid barrier over your car, you also risk your vehicle becoming damaged by falling branches from the tree. If you’re traveling and become aware of potential hail storms, find a safe place to pull over under a covering, if possible. Do not block roads or driveways so emergency workers can move freely without blockards of cars seeking shelter. 

Hail Damaged, Now What? 

Unfortunately, there may be a time where your car couldn’t be safely parked to avoid hail damage. You may find yourself with cracked and broken windshields, broken mirrors or sun roofs, along with dents on hoods and trunks. At All Around Auto Care, we have expert technicians available to get your glass and lights repaired or replaced. We also offer roadside assistance and car pick and drop off. We’ll get you back on the road quickly. Contact us today to find out more about our services and become one of our Guests for Life members with your car’s preventative care.