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Brake Care for Long Lasting…

We’ve all experienced the piercing sound of bad brakes whether it was our own vehicle or a car driving near us. While squeaks and squeals are a sign that your brakes may need new pads or a repair, that isn’t the only warning sign. Watch for these other signs that may indicate your brakes need servicing. 

Warning Signs

In addition to the squeal, you may hear grinding or clicking when you use your brakes. These sounds could also be signs it is time to have your brakes checked. The early signs may not always be audible; you should also pay attention to the feel your brakes make when your driving. There may not always be an audible sign your brakes need attention. Does your car feel less smooth than normal or does your car pull when you apply your brakes? Another sign to watch for is if you have to adjust the pedal pressure to engage the brakes- such as having to press your pedal to the floor or the brakes react to slight pedal movement. Additionally, your car may have a brake service light built into the dashboard. Don’t ignore these signs. Contact us to schedule an appointment to assess your brakes and trust that our repairs are backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. 

Preventative Care

While it is expected that brakes will need servicing as part of normal wear and tear on your vehicle, preventive care as a driver can also save you money on costly or frequent repairs. A few adjustments on driving habits can save the life on your brakes. Resist frequent brake tapping. Maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you will reduce your need to tap frequently on the brakes resulting in wearing them down faster. When coming to a stopping point, letting off your gas pedal and coasting down on speed will help your brakes, as well. In addition, resist hard braking during normal driving. At All Around Auto Care, we can help with brake inspection, replacement, and repair. 

Did you know brake care is included in our Guest for Life program saving your hundreds of dollars in car care. Let our ASE certified experts become your go to in auto care needs. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.