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Check Your Tires to Prevent Roadway Blow Outs

Tires receive wear and tear and have to be replaced after time. However, there are many practices that can prevent unexpected tire wear, damage, or blow outs. At All Around Auto Care, we have ASE Certified technicians available to handle all your tire needs. 

Routine Maintenance

As part of our Guest for Life program, we will rotate your tires for you when you come in for your visit. Tire rotation is recommended to keep the wear and tear on your tires balanced and equal to get you the most out of your tire life. In addition to rotating your tires, we will check and correct the weight balance to keep your driving experience smooth. Maintaining the proper PSI (pounds per square inch) of air pressure will ensure your tire isn’t overinflated or under-inflated. An overinflated tire wears out faster and becomes more prone to blow-outs over time. An under-inflated tire reduces your tires’ ability to maneuver and help you keep control of your turns on the roadway. Our tire checks will include checking for gouges, damaging debris and other signs that your tire may need repaired or replaced. 


It is expected that tire tread will wear out over time. One easy way to check your tread at home is with a penny. Place a penny upside down with Lincoln’s head facing you. If you can see his whole head above the tread on your tire, it’s time to bring your car to us for replacement. You can also check your tires’ PSI with a handheld tire gauge. Our experts can recommend the best pressure for your unique tires and needs. IF your pressure is dropping quickly or consistently, it may be due to a leak. We can handle those repairs for you at one of our service centers. 

Preventative Care

Your driving habits have a large effect on the longevity of a tire. In addition to the routine preventative care above, you can also monitor your driving. Constant high speed rates increase friction on your tires and heats the tires up. This can cause unnecessary wear faster. Avoid road debris. Debris can get stuck in the tire tread or result in piercing the tire rubber. Both can result in damage or leaks that need patched and repaired. Aggressive driving can also cause damage to the side wall or unusual wear and tear on the tires. Slow down and make smooth maneuvers to help keep your tires in their best shape.

Contact us to schedule a tire check or replace your old tires today.